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SPRAT Rope Access Training

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SPRAT Rope Access:

Nouvelle Hauteur is proud to offer SPRAT rope access trainings levels 1-3.  These 6-day courses have been developed by the Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians (SPRAT), the organization that sets the standard used by industrial rope workers in North America.  SPRAT rope access enables people to reach areas that would be otherwise inaccessible, or prohibitively expensive using alternative means such as lifts, cranes, or scaffolding.

Our instructors are SPRAT level III certified, and have practical experience working in the field. With their insights, we have developed a training center that provides simulated real-world environments where workers can develop their skills at high angle rope access and rescue, so that they will be competent to face the challenges they will encounter on the job.  Students taking this course will learn:

  • The basic components of fall protection systems used for rope work
  • How to use anchorage, safety connections, and harneses adapted for rope access
  • To ascend and descend a rope
  • Risk management systems, work procedures, as well as emergency plans
  • Various knots useful in high angle rope access work
  • How to execute a rope-to-rope transfer
  • How to pass knots, deviations, and re-anchors
  • How to peform a rescue on rope with a descending casualty

This course is ideal for: 

  • Civil and industrial engineers
  • Bridge inspectors/workers
  • Telecommunications and wind tower workers
  • High-rise window washers
  • High angle maintenance personnel
  • Firemen and military special forces
  • Many more applications
SPRAT Rope Access

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