Course details :

Work at a height on wood pole involves its share of fall and accident risks. Even though the systems used are simpler than for other types of work at a height, falls are frequent and threaten the health and safety of workers. Many workers do not have the necessary training to ensure their own safety and avoid risks of falling and injury. The course teaches the student to be ready to react appropriately in case of falls or accidents by applying the appropriate rescue methods and by correctly carrying out recommended emergency maneuvers.

Duration: 1 Day

Maximum participants : 6



Training leading to the development of the following skills:

Knowledge and understanding of basic fall protection system components used for work on wood pole.
Learning rescue techniques appropriate to the work environment.
Knowledge of rescue system equipment and components.
Understanding how to use anchorage, safety connections and harnesses adapted for work on wood poles.
Developing the ability to react appropriately in emergency situations.
Acquiring a method for carrying out a wind turbine evacuation and a rescue in complete safety.
Mastering safe methods for work on wood poles.