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Tower Fall Protection and Rescue

People that need to work on a telecommunications antenna, aerial signal structure, or any other type of steel tower or structure are constantly exposed to the risk of falling. Current protection systems are highly specialized and can ensure worker safety, but that’s just one part of the equation.

Because of how difficult it is for rescue teams to access structures at a height, workers need to be in a position to take charge of a fall or dizziness victim and bring them back to the ground in a safe manner.

Tower rescue training has a practical focus. The equipment used is simple and provides a high level of passive safety. The techniques we use comply with NFPA standard requirements.



  • Knowledge and understanding of basic fall protection system components used specifically on towers.
  • Learning rescue techniques appropriate for tower work.
  • Knowledge of rescue system equipment and components.
  • Understanding how to use anchorage, safety connections, and harnesses adapted for tower work and rescue.
  • Developing the capacity to react adequately to emergency situations.
  • Acquiring a method for carrying out tower rescues in complete safety.
  • Selecting anchorage and rescue systems that are appropriate for the various fall and victim retrieval possibilities.

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