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Rope Access (SPRAT)

This course is intended for people wishing to prepare for the SPRAT Level I certification exam. The course combines both theory and practical exercises in order to ensure that participants have a comprehensive understanding of the material. Students are trained in the use of the most common equipment used for rope access.

Problem-solving exercises are included in order to verify acquired skills. In addition, the course emphasizes the importance of teamwork and on choosing the right procedure for each situation. With a 92% success rate, Nouvelle Hauteur is the best choice for obtaining your SPRAT certificate.

92 % Pass Rate
92 % Pass Rate


  • Knowing and understanding the basic components of fall protection systems used for rope work.
  • Understanding how to use anchorage, safety connections, and harnesses adapted for rope access.
  • The ability to ascend and descend a rope.
  • Understanding risk management systems, work procedures, as well as emergency plans.
  • Using a redundancy system when moving on a rope.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of basic knots.
  • The ability to carry out a rope-to-rope transfer.
  • The ability to carry out the passing of deviations and intermediate anchors.
  • The ability to reassure a team-member.
  • The ability to carry out a simple rescue with a descending casualty.
  • Developing the ability to react appropriately in emergency situations.

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