Course details:

This course is intended for people wishing to prepare for the SPRAT Level I certification exam. The course combines both theory and practical exercises in order to ensure that participants have a comprehensive understanding of the material. Students are trained in the use of the most common equipment used for rope access.

Problem-solving exercises are included in order to verify acquired skills. In addition, the course emphasizes the importance of teamwork and on choosing the right procedure for each situation.

Duration: 5 Days

Maximum participants : 6


Training leading to the development of the following skills:

Knowing and understanding the basic components of fall protection systems used for rope work.
Understanding how to use anchorage, safety connections, and harnesses adapted for rope access.
The ability to ascend and descend a rope.
Understanding risk management systems, work procedures, as well as emergency plans.
Using a redundancy system when moving on a rope.
Demonstrate knowledge of basic knots.
The ability to carry out a rope-to-rope transfer.
The ability to carry out the passing of deviations and intermediate anchors.
The ability to reassure a team-member.
The ability to carry out a simple rescue with a descending casualty.
Developing the ability to react appropriately in emergency situations.