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Confined Spaces Rescue

Our Rescue in Confined Spaces course allows trainees to put into practice all of the knowledge acquired in the first two confined spaces courses.  With our simulated confined space environment, we are able to place students in a variety of real-world scenerios involoving confined spaces.

We ensure that the methods and equipment used correspond to the effective rescue procedures that will be used for the employer, and that the skills acquired will be for practical daily use, and will help prevent an accident.


  • Know the regulations and standards applying to work in a confined space.
  • Recognize confined spaces.
  • Know the hazards associated with confined spaces.
  • Know and understand the controls used when working in confined spaces.
  • Know the role and responsibilities of the incoming and the supervisor.
  • Understanding the need to develop an intervention program in confined spaces.
  • Knowing the different elements of an intervention program in confined spaces such as the scorecard, the entry permit, the work procedure and the rescue process.
  • Know the different types of rescues in confined spaces and equipment needed for their realization.
  • Be able to determine if a closed space has an IDLH atmosphere.
  • Being able to perform a simple life without input. Being able to perform a rescue with entry.

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