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Monopole Access and Rescue

People working in monopoles encounter a unique set of challenges related to both working at heights, as well as the risks associated with entering a confined space.

Our monopole rescue training is designed to equip workers with the knowledge and ability to access, act as attendant, and to rescue someone from within a monopole.

Pre-requisite Training


  • Learn and understand the regulations and standards for working in a monopole
  • Learn how to recognize the dangers associated with working in monopoles
  • Understand the control measures that are necessary
  • Learn the roles and responsibilities of both the entrant and the attendant
  • Understand the importance of developing sound procedures
  • Know the different elements of a work plan: the assessment and evaluation sheet, entry permit, work procedure and rescue procedure
  • How to complete entry permits based on the hazards risk assessment
  • Learn monopole rescue procedures and the equipment necessary to accomplish these rescues
  • How to choose the right equipment, and how to use it properly
  • Learn to use multi-gas detection devices
  • Learn how to properly use ventilation equipment
  • Execute a complete monopole entry procedure
  • Execute a complete monopole rescue procedure

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