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Lift Basket Evacuation

Workers that use bucket trucks to access workspaces not only face dangers of falling, but also the possibility of having to evacuate from a basket that has become unusable. In the past, workers in such situations had to try sliding down the basket’s mast and became exposed to the risk of falling.

It is therefore absolutely necessary, in order to work inside a basket in complete safety, to have adequate fall protection equipment and to be able to carry out an emergency evacuation.


Fall protection level I


  • Understanding how to use a fall prevention system.
  • Learning appropriate evacuation techniques for lift basket work.
  • Knowledge of evacuation system equipment and components.
  • Understanding how to use anchors, safety connections, and harnesses.
  • Developing the capacity to react appropriately in emergency situations inside a lift basket.
  • Acquiring a method for carrying out a lift basket evacuation in complete safety.

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