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Industrial Rescue

This course allows the student to become familiar with rescue methods appropriate for construction sites at a height. The course focuses on learning rescue methods and on the implementation of safety measures to be deployed by the rescue team.

Alternating between theory in a classroom and practical exercises enables the student to understand and master the appropriate maneuvers to deploy in case of emergency.



  • Knowledge and understanding of basic fall protection system components used on construction sites.
  • Learning rescue techniques appropriate to the work environment.
  • Knowledge of rescue system equipment and components.
  • Understanding how to use anchorage, safety connections, and harnesses adapted for construction site work.
  • Developing the ability to react appropriately in emergency situations.
  • Acquiring a method for carrying out a wind turbine evacuation and a rescue in complete safety.
  • Selecting anchorage and rescue systems that are appropriate for the various fall and victim retrieval possibilities.
  • Implementing and using a fall protection system and rescue method ensuring worker safety.

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