Course details:

The people working on the construction or maintenance of bridges are confronted to the dangers of work at a height on a daily basis. Fall protection is one of the core elements of their work. They must be familiar with applicable safety standards and rescue measures related to work at a height. The course focuses on the learning of rescue methods and implementation of safety measures to be deployed in case of emergency.

Duration: 1 to 4 Days

Maximum participants : 8



Training leading to the development of the following skills:

Knowledge and understanding of basic fall protection system components used for bridgework.
Learning rescue techniques appropriate to the work environment.
Knowledge of rescue system equipment and components.
Understanding how to use anchorage, safety connections, and harnesses adapted for bridgework.
Developing the ability to react appropriately in emergency situations.
Acquiring a method for carrying out a wind turbine evacuation and a rescue in complete safety.
Selecting anchorage and rescue systems that are appropriate for the various fall and victim retrieval possibilities.
Implementing and using a fall protection system and rescue method ensuring worker safety.