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Standby Rescue

Work at heights and in confined spaces can present significant hazards to workers.  Whether working in renewable energy infrastructure, telecom towers, on tall buildings, in industrial maintenance, industrial tanks or silos, or rescuers who need to access tight spaces or difficult-to-reach areas at heights, the potential for emergencies is always present.  That’s why having workers who are properly trained and able to perform a rescue is critical to the safety of your workers.

There are occasions where workers are needed to execute a job, but they are not appropriately trained or equipped to perform the job while controlling for all hazards and remaining capable of rescuing a fallen worker.  Management may decide to invest in the training and equipment necessary to perform the task.  Or, having performed a cost-benefit analysis, they may determine that it is more economical to contract a Standby Rescue Team (Technical Rescue Team) to respond in the event of an emergency.

Standby Rescue (Technical Rescue) refers to a team of trained and equipped personnel who are ready to respond immediately in the event of an emergency or accident during work at heights or in confined spaces.  The standby rescue teams serve as a lifeline, providing critical support to workers who may find themselves in life-threatening situations.

In certain cases, may be more cost-effective to hire third-party rescuers who are well-trained and equipped to perform a rescue.  This may occur in situations workers are only needed to access an area and perform work one time, or over very periodic intervals.  A cost-benefit analysis can help workers in deciding between training your work team, or contracting a standby rescue team.

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Standby Rescue

Why Standby Rescue? :

  • Reduction in costs
  • Rapid Response
  • Risk Reduction
  • Ideal for Maintenance Shutdowns
  • Special Projects
  • Meet Regulatory Requirements
  • Peace of Mind