Our Team

Our training team has over 45 years of training experience about work and rescue at height with over 3000 trained individuals across North America.

Marco Simard is the President of Nouvelle Hauteur Inc. and has more than 20 years of experience at heights with fall protection equipment and rescue systems. He was extensively involved in the study, development, and implementation of many programs for fall protection and rescue over the past fifteen years.

Before starting his company, Marco Simard held the position of training and safety officer within the CN Bridges and Structures department. His responsibilities included providing consulting services to internal clients, coordinating safety on worksites and conducting various training programs across Eastern Canada.

Simard has been a voting member of the technical committee (CSA) for fall protection for 14 years, and currently sits on the scaffolding committee (CSA).

He coordinated the development and training for all fall protection programs at CN. In addition, he trained more than 5000 employees, government safety officers, and workers in fall protection and rescue, in such diverse fields as telecommunications, wind energy, ski resorts, and others.

Martin began his career as a rock climbing instructor in the ‘90s, teaching and training hundreds of people regardless of their skill level. Later, his job as a mountain guide took him far and wide, to some of the highest mountains in the world.

For almost a decade, Martin has worked backstage and on movie sets specializing in work at heights and aerial rigging. Additionally, he has extensive experience in rope and rescue techniques.

He has been a trainer with Nouvelle Hauteur, Inc. since 2006 and assists in the development of course content and the identification of specialized equipment.

Craig joined the Nouvelle Hauteur team with the desire to teach and promote awareness of working at heights safely.

Craig has 13 years of construction industry experience. He has managed telecom tower construction across Canada, the US and other countries — working at heights in excess of 1,000 feet. He has extensive experience in working and rescue at heights.

When he is not working, Craig keeps his adrenaline pumping by riding his sport bike on Quebec’s scenic highways.

Bruno brings a new dimension to Nouvelle Hauteur with his Bachelor’s degree in Outdoor Recreation and Adventure Tourism, which has allowed him to work as a canoe, backcountry skiing and mountain skiing guide. He also has had the opportunity to engage in various sports such as paragliding, kite-surfing, rock and ice climbing, and hiking – in addition to combining sport and travel on his many trips around the world. He is currently finishing his Bachelor’s degree in Physical and Health Education.
Don has been associated with Nouvelle Hauteur for more than a decade and has been instrucing industrial safety courses for more than twenty years. He has delivered courses for a long list of high profile clients including the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Canadian and the US Military and General Dynamics. He recieved his degree in Education at Montclair University and is recognized by the Illinois Construction Council as a competent person in Fall Protection.