About Nouvelle Hauteur

Nouvelle Hauteur is a company of professional consultants specialized in fall protection, rescue, rope access and confined spaces. We are committed to protecting workers and employers against work accidents due to falls from a height as well as risks related to working at heights.

Our instructors are all SPRAT certified and have over 25 years of combined experience. Come visit our training center of over 5000 square feet with our multiple structures in place that simulate all situations of various industries.

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Fall Protection
Level I

The Fall Protection Level I course is ideal for construction workers and maintenance personnel required to work at a height and who need to have an adequate knowledge of fall protection systems.


Sauvetage sur tour

Tower Rescue

People that need to work on a telecommunications antenna, aerial signal structure, or any other type of steel tower or structure are constantly exposed to the risk of falling. Current protection systems are highly specialized and can ensure worker safety, but that’s just one part of the equation.


Sauvetage Eolienne

Wind Turbine Rescue

This course teaches the most common fall protection methods and applicable governmental standards and regulations. The student will become familiar with the most commonly used methods and tools for protecting workers against fall risks that can occur on wind turbines.



Industrial Rescue

This course allows the student to become familiar with rescue methods appropriate for construction sites at a height. The course focuses on learning rescue methods and on the implementation of safety measures to be deployed by the rescue team.